Sarandipity Clothing by Sarah Moody

bsi sarah

Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula by artistic parents, I have always been drawing and loved art. I studied art at Monterey Peninsula College and worked for more than 6 years at a local art store, where I had the opportunity to continue study of a wide variety of media from pen and ink to oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and silk painting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a unique and beautiful garden shop in Carmel for a period of time as well and expanded my creative endeavors to garden art with metal 3d sculptures, fairy houses, mosaics, techniques in gardening, and garden layout design.

Today, my work includes all forms of drawing, computer graphic design, and multi media art. It is largely inspired by natural elements, like flowers and vines, fantasy and whimsical motifs. Always a gardener at heart and it keeps my creative juices flowing.

Sarahndipity’s vision has been to share my designs on comfortable and stylish clothing. My sister, Rachel, and I have collaborated on the clothing line since the beginning, and it has been exciting to see my art come to life and be worn and loved by people of all ages and sizes. Our dream is to build a business successful enough that we can donate a portion of all sales to organizations that protect and restore the natural world and communities that inspire our work.

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