Hides Sandals by Terry Prince

Leather work is in my blood.  My grandfather was an orthopedic shoemaker for young polio victims in England and my mother told me he never made any money because he was so charitable. I love making sandals because it reminds me of my heritage.

My sandals are made of cowhide leather and are called “Hides.” I make single- and double-toed Hides. The double-toed ones were designed for people who want to strengthen their little toes. Women call it the “yoga toe” because I use thinner leather than I do on men’s sandals. Guys call it the “torture toe” because the leather is thicker and harder to break in, but lasts longer with more rugged wear.

I advertised in Surfer magazine years ago and dubbed them “Surfari Sandals.”  They are some of the toughest, simplest, custom-shaped sandals available, have been battle-tested on the coral, lava, and great outdoors of California, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Australia, and will last years before they need to be resoled.

How to Order Hides Sandals

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