How to Order Hides Sandals

Each pair of Hides sandals is custom crafted for the feet that will be wearing them, so we need an accurate tracing for each foot to make sure the fit is perfect.

 Tips for Tracing Feet

  • Stand on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, or a brown paper bag for a large foot.
  • Use a pen, or pencil, and hold it straight up to outline each foot.
  • Trace between big toe (and little toe if you’re ordering double-toed Hides).
  • Trace inside of arch and note if your arch is high, medium, or low.


Specify Style and Color

There are several different styles and colors available for your Hides, and some colors will vary in thickness. Some of the standard colors and styles are shown on this website.

Call or email Terry if you have questions about available styles and colors.

Mail Footprints and Order

We learned the hard way that  scanning and faxing footprints just don’t work well for a custom fit. Please mail footprints and your order details (style and color) to:

Terence Hide Prince
P.O. Box 506
Big Sur, CA  93920

Methods of Payment

  • Mail check or money order with your footprints and order
  • Call to charge a credit card
Orders placed over the phone cannot be started until footprints are received by mail.
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